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DC Lab provides specialist beverage product development, R&D and manufacturing services for Retailers and Private Brand Owners around the world.  We specialise in a range of functional beverages that promote health, wellness, vitality, energy, sport and diet. 


Our products capability includes blending of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, herbs, proteins, probiotics, and other complex ingredients, with a range of flavours including exotic fruits.  


We provide a range of services to help develop and produce your products from formula and recipe development through to manufacturing. 

We can develop your product and provide you either the recipe alone or bulk liquid for your own or other partner bottling anywhere in the world or we can provide you with a complete finished product including any bottling or canning.  


We can bring together global options and advantages with our own manufacturing facilities as well as a range of partner facilities being a member of the international independent beverage producers collective.  We can service requirements around the world.   


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